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Alternative: 海の御先 (Japanese); 海之彼方; 海神的巫女 (Chinese); 바다의무녀 (Korean); รักวุ่นวายคุณชายมังกร (Thai); Ocean's Cape (English); Мыс Океана (Русский) (Russian); Messenger of the Sea (English)
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Author(s): Fumizuki Kou
Genre: Comedy , Drama , Ecchi , Harem , Mature , Romance , Seinen , Slice of life,
Status: Completed
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Goto Nagi has traveled to the southern island of Okitsushima, and ventures out to see Umi no Misaki, a striking cape jutting out into the ocean. But when he arrives, he finds that there is much more to this cape than a wondrous view. There is something peculiar about the cape, and about the island's inhabitants.

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