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How to Be a Dark Hero’s Daughter

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Historical; Isekai; Magic; Romance; Survival
View: 3,600 views
Author: Yooani,리사벨,솔,연 제중

Chapter 14 3 hours ago
Chapter 13 3 hours ago

Almighty Master

Genre: Action; Comedy; Manhua; Martial arts
View: 318,800 views

Chapter 165 3 hours ago
Chapter 164 Jul 29, 06:34

The Thief Princess: My Prince Can’t Afford to Offend

Genre: Action; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Historical; Manhua; Martial Arts; Reincarnation; Romance; Shoujo; Supernatural;...
View: 392 views
Author: 阿柯文化

Chapter 8 3 hours ago
Chapter 7 yesterday, 10:05

Monster Duke’s Daughter

Genre: Fantasy; Romance; Webtoon
View: 1,600 views
Author: Kds9120

Chapter 8 3 hours ago
Chapter 7 Jul 29, 00:34

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Genre: Action; Comedy; Drama; Manhua; Romance; Webtoons
View: 25,200 views
Author: Updating

Chapter 198 3 hours ago
Chapter 197 3 days ago

A Witch’s Hopeless Wish

Genre: Drama; Historical; Josei; Mystery; Romance; Shoujo; Webtoon
View: 1,400 views
Author: HaeChung

Chapter 86 3 hours ago
Chapter 85 Jul 28, 08:50

Martial Peak

Genre: Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Historical; Martial Arts
View: 46,000 views
Author: Momo (II)

Chapter 1373 3 hours ago
Chapter 1372 3 hours ago

Master of X-RAY Vision

Genre: Adventure; Comedy; Ecchi; Harem; Horror; Mystery; Shounen
View: 6 views
Author: Yoolook Comics

Chapter 102 4 hours ago
Chapter 101 4 hours ago

Cancel This Wish

Genre: Fantasy; Historical; Romance
View: 0 views
Author: Lee Bora

Chapter 2 4 hours ago
Chapter 1 2 days ago

I Have No Health

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Manhwa; Reincarnation; Shoujo
View: 1 views

Chapter 9 4 hours ago
Chapter 8 yesterday, 06:03

I Only Came to Find my Dad

Genre: Fantasy
View: 0 views
Author: Blooming bouquet (블루밍부케),Ongnyo (옹뇨)

Chapter 4 4 hours ago
Chapter 3 4 hours ago

The Reason Why Ophelia Can’t Get Away From The Duke

Genre: Romance; The Reason Why Ophelia Can’t Get Away From The Duke; Thriller
View: 0 views
Author: Joo ari,Samoh

Chapter 1 4 hours ago

The Lady Wants to Rest

Genre: Manhwa
View: 10,800 views
Author: Updating

Chapter 36 4 hours ago
Chapter 35 Jul 28, 08:33

On the Emperor’s Lap

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Josei; Romance; Shoujo; Tragedy
View: 5,300 views

Chapter 94 4 hours ago
Chapter 93 4 hours ago

A Way to Protect the Lovable You

Genre: Drama; Manhwa; Romance
View: 332,300 views

Chapter 39.5 4 hours ago
Chapter 39 4 hours ago

Give A Heart To The Emperor

Genre: Fantasy; Historical; Romance
View: 2,100 views
Author: Besi,Coconut berry,Yullimni

Chapter 9 4 hours ago
Chapter 8 Jul 28, 08:41

The Emperor is a Woman

Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy; Historical; Isekai; Manhwa; Shoujo
View: 20,400 views

Chapter 51 4 hours ago
Chapter 50 4 hours ago

How Dare You

Genre: Fantasy; Manhwa; Romance; Shoujo
View: 23,200 views

Chapter 18 4 hours ago
Chapter 17 Jul 30, 10:33

The princess is evil

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Historical; Isekai; Magic; One shot; Romance; Shoujo
View: 22,200 views
Author: Cha soheec / Ggomi,차소희

Chapter 25 4 hours ago
Chapter 24 Jul 28, 08:41

Matchless Emperor

Genre: Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Manhua; Martial arts
View: 1,600,000 views
Author: Two-dimensional animation

Chapter 212 4 hours ago
Chapter 211 3 days ago

I’ve Become the Villainous Emperor of a Novel

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Isekai; Romance; Webtoons
View: 1,500 views
Author: Updating

Chapter 51 4 hours ago
Chapter 50.5 3 days ago

The Evil Lady Will Change

Genre: Drama; Manhua; Romance
View: 9,600 views
Author: 恶女会改变

Chapter 89 4 hours ago
Chapter 88 2 days ago

The Man’s Games

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Romance; Shoujo
View: 3,400 views
Author: Lee chae yeong,One universe

Chapter 41 4 hours ago
Chapter 40 Jul 28, 09:24

Cheerful Countess Sisters

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Magic; Manhwa; Romance; Shoujo
View: 183,500 views

Chapter 41 4 hours ago
Chapter 40 Jul 28, 09:23

Irregular Empress

Genre: Action; Comedy; Crossdressing; Fantasy; Magic; Manhwa; Romance; Shoujo
View: 66,600 views

Chapter 48 4 hours ago
Chapter 47 Jul 28, 09:25

The Wicked Queen

Genre: Drama; Historical; Manhwa; Romance; Shoujo
View: 44,200 views
Author: SHIN Ji-Sang

Chapter 74 4 hours ago
Chapter 73 3 days ago

The disappearance of the Crown Prince of Joseon

Genre: Drama; Historical; Josei; Manhwa; Romance; Shoujo; Tragedy
View: 1,200 views
Author: Dahye kang,Ina seo,SEO Ina

Chapter 28 4 hours ago
Chapter 27 2 days ago

Married To A Stupid Eunuch

Genre: Historical
View: 0 views
Author: Scattered Mud

Chapter 12 4 hours ago
Chapter 11 4 hours ago

Let Me Stay Over Tonight!

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Full Color; Manhwa; Romance; Webtoons
View: 1,600 views
Author: Heabun

Chapter 20 6 hours ago
Chapter 19 Jul 28, 08:57

Contract Concubine

Genre: Comedy; Historical; Romance; Shoujo; Webtoons
View: 3,400 views
Author: Rejong

Chapter 64 6 hours ago
Chapter 63 6 hours ago

Mire’s Corridor

Genre: Fantasy; Manhwa; Romance; Supernatural
View: 15,200 views

Chapter 62 6 hours ago
Chapter 61 6 hours ago

My Girl is a Dragon Princess

Genre: Action; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Harem; Manhua; Psychological; Romance; School Life
View: 3,300 views
Author: MK-Li Zhiheng

Chapter 121 21 hours ago
Chapter 120 21 hours ago

Dawn The Teen Witch

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Romance; School Life; Shoujo; Supernatural
View: 1,300 views
Author: Jiao Xiang Ting

Chapter 40 21 hours ago
Chapter 39 Jul 28, 08:33

The Young Lady I Served Became a Young Master

Genre: Isekai; Manhwa; Romance; Shoujo
View: 293,900 views

Chapter 60.5 21 hours ago
Chapter 60 2 days ago

Pupillary Master

Genre: Action; Fantasy; Manhua; Martial arts
View: 3,500,000 views
Author: PUP MAs

Chapter 202.5 21 hours ago
Chapter 202 21 hours ago

Make The Level Up To Max

Genre: Adventure; Drama; Fantasy; Harem; Historical; Manhua; Romance; Shounen
View: 2,200 views
Author: Updating

Chapter 30 yesterday, 13:05
Chapter 29 yesterday, 13:05

I’m More Dangerous Than You

Genre: Mystery; Romance; Shoujo Ai; Thriller
View: 900 views
Author: An De

Chapter 37 yesterday, 11:33
Chapter 36 Jul 30, 06:02

Icy Boy & Tsundere Girl

Genre: Action; Drama; Romance
View: 2,300 views
Author: ZiYou Entertainment

Chapter 100 yesterday, 11:33
Chapter 99 yesterday, 10:03

Ten Thousand Ways To Win Sex Guys’ Hearts

Genre: Comedy; Fantasy; Historical; Manhua; Psychological; Romance; Slice of Life; Webtoon; Webtoons
View: 9,900 views
Author: XiReZhuoMa

Chapter 113 yesterday, 11:32
Chapter 112 Jul 29, 14:01

Once More

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Manhua; Romance; School Life; Shoujo; Webtoons
View: 4,600 views
Author: Han Xu,HanXu L-Mo

Chapter 87 yesterday, 10:05
Chapter 86 Jul 28, 08:58

Does Love Need a Translation App?

Genre: Comedy; Manhwa; Romance; School Life; Shoujo; Slice of Life; Webtoon
View: 881 views
Author: Hwiyo

Chapter 52 yesterday, 10:05
Chapter 51 Jul 28, 08:33

The Villainess is a Marionette

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Isekai; Manhwa; Romance
View: 46,600 views
Author: Han Yi Rim

Chapter 44 yesterday, 10:05
Chapter 43 2 days ago